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Why your target market is not EVERYONE.

Strategy & planning

When I ask many small businesses who their target market is, 80% of them give

Why THIS approach to marketing doesn’t work and what to do instead.

Strategy & planning

When it comes to marketing in your business, do you seem to do lots of

The 10 C’s retention model.


What factors contribute to high retention of customers or clients? You’ve probably heard something along

What is a Unique Service Proposition (USP) and why your business needs one.

Strategy & planning

What is a USP? I’ll give you a hint - it’s not about being able

Branding. What is it and does it matter?


Branding is often an arbitrary term that non-marketers believe is just your logo and colours.

Marketing Department: What is the best way to manage the marketing function in my business?

Strategy & planning

Running your own business invariably means, you wear many different hats, right? You often start